Intern Testimonials

I am beyond honored and grateful to have been selected as the Hannah Storm Journalism intern for the upcoming 2018-2019 academic year. I would like to thank the Hannah Storm Foundation and everybody involved along the way for providing me with this incredible, hands-on opportunity to develop my writing and communication skills, and in turn drive my career forward. I am currently studying Film, Television, and Theatre along with a minor in Journalism, Ethics, and Democracy within the Gallivan Journalism program, and I am fully committed to pursuing a career in the world of journalism. I can’t think of a better experience where I can further develop my research, communication, interviewing, and writing skills all while writing about the institution that will forever hold a special place in my heart. I greatly appreciate this chance to connect with former members of the Notre Dame community, and look forward to broadening my personal horizons and gaining new perspectives in learning about the University of Notre Dame and its former students. I already know how much of a rewarding and fulfilling experience this will be, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

– Grant DelVecchio ’19


I am a senior studying English and Film, Television and Theatre at the University of Notre Dame. I chose my majors with the goal of pursuing a career in the media and am excited to further develop my communication skills through the Hannah Storm Internship. It seems to me that this opportunity is the perfect one to close out my academic career at Notre Dame. The Hannah Storm Internship will provide me not only a practical outlet to apply and refine all I have learned in college, but also the chance to deepen my relationship with the institution that has given me so much by sharing the stories of those who have come before me.

– Amanda Pilarski ‘18


I am honored to have been selected as the 2016-2017 Hannah Storm Journalism Intern. One of the reasons I am passionate about journalism is that it is a way to learn new things: to speak with interesting people, understand diverse perspectives, and explain a topic to an audience. The Hannah Storm Journalism internship will give me the opportunity to do just that, interviewing alumni and writing about their experiences. I am excited to write for and about such an amazing group of people, and I am grateful to the Hannah Storm Foundation for trusting in my ability to do so. I hope to develop my reporting and writing skills and leave the internship ready to take on a career in journalism.

– Emily McConville ‘17


I am very thankful to the Hannah Storm foundation for giving me the opportunity to continue to improve my journalistic writing skills and to gain valuable experience within the Notre Dame Alumni Association. Upon completing the first semester of my year-long internship, I have been able to cover a variety of topics ranging from in-depth profiles of notable alumni, Notre Dame athletics, association events, and international initiatives. I have learned about Notre Dame programs that I would not have been aware of otherwise, and I have looked at Notre Dame from many new perspectives. It has also been helpful for me to network with alumni as I prepare to join their ranks when I graduate this coming May. At that time, I plan to continue my career in journalism by working in print or digital media. Having this experience under my belt will definitely be a great advantage.

-Bianca Almada ’16


My experience working as the Hannah Storm Journalism Intern has taught me how to research, interview, and look for the best stories from our amazing network of alumni. I had the privilege of speaking with notable doctors, athletes, ambassadors, and entrepreneurs, and each month I had the opportunity to represent myself and the University in the best way possible. I am so grateful that I have been able to develop my own writing style over the past year, with important guidance from my coworkers. My work has also been very diverse, which has only expanded my ability to jump into new things head-first and experience them as a representative of Notre Dame. I have enjoyed working in the Alumni Association offices all year, and I am so honored to have been given this wonderful opportunity!”

-Lucy Negash ‘15


I’d like to thank the Hannah Storm Foundation for this wonderful opportunity to gain valuable experience in the journalism field. I’m excited to use the writing and editing skills I’ve developed in my studies in the English department and the Gallivan Program in Journalism, Ethics, and Democracy in a professional setting. When I graduate, I hope to have both an extensive portfolio of writing and a greater confidence in my writing ability. Just a few weeks into my internship, I’m off to a great start: I’ve already written a feature on an alum’s trip to the national parks of the west and a few informative stories on alumni events, and I’m working on another alum feature now. I greatly appreciate this chance to experience Notre Dame from other perspectives and to connect with alumni as I prepare to enter their ranks in May.

-Cat Caracci ’14


I am so grateful to have recieved the Hannah Storm Journalism internship for this year. As an English major with a concentration in Creative Writing, I have always enjoyed writing but had never had the opportunity to explore the exciting world of journalism. I’ve recieved great guidance and support that has helped me to grow as a writer and communicator. Further, the people I have met conducting interviews and writing pieces have been fascinating. I’ve enjoyed every minute of the internship so far and cannot wait to see what the next few months bring!

-Scott Frano ’13


Being the Hannah Storm Journalism Intern has been an amazing experience for me. I started off as a summer intern for the Alumni Association this past summer and I was honored to be given the internship for the academic year. I have been able to see just how strong and special the Notre Dame community is. There seems to be a special energy on campus, especially with an incredible football season, and I’ve been blessed to be a small part of it. My favorite part of the internship so far has been going to the bookstore to buy an ornament for my parents and finding the insert I wrote this summer as part of this year’s collectible ornament. It was amazing to realize how many people would buy the ornament and see what I wrote. I’ve had a memorable senior year so far as the Hannah Storm Journalism Intern, and I look forward to what the second semester has in store (hopefully a national title).

-Rachel Hamilton ’12


Being the Hannah Storm Journalism Intern is a true privilege, offering me a unique opportunity to practice my writing and cover alumni affairs while still a student. Every assignment is a chance to learn more about the University of Notre Dame and to communicate what I’ve learned to a vast audience. Not only am I becoming a better writer and communicator, but I’m having fun doing it. I’m grateful for the chance to work so closely with the Notre Dame Alumni Association through this wonderful internship.

-Tess Civantos ’11


Working as the Hannah Storm journalism intern in the Notre Dame Alumni Association was a very fulfilling and rewarding experience. I enjoyed working in one of the finest alumni associations in the country and I am grateful for the opportunity to have covered some incredible stories about the accomplishments of Notre Dame’s faculty, students and alumni. I improved my writing and communication skills and spent valuable time working in an office setting. As I move forward through my senior year and with my post-graduation plans, I believe that the networking and journalism knowledge that I gained as the Hannah Storm intern will be helpful for years to come I am thankful that Ms. Storm has funded this program at Notre Dame, and I would encourage any student interested in journalism to apply in the coming years.

-Josh Flynt ’10


The Hannah Storm internship experience has provided me with the opportunity to challenge myself as a developing writer while expanding upon the fundamental journalistic skills that I have learned in the Gallivan Program for Journalism, Ethics & Democracy at Notre Dame. Not only has the internship’s high demand for articles challenged me to become a faster, more instinctive writer, but the wide range of subject matter has allowed me to exercise my creative capacities. Thus, I have begun to develop a style of writing that is distinctively my own, while simultaneously learning to appeal to a Notre Dame audience.

Another invaluable aspect of the internship has been the opportunity to ask questions of some of the most interesting and diverse people under the dome. The subjects have ranged from a nervous first year student setting foot on campus, to Father Jenkins’ assistant, to Dr. Emil T. Hofman, the chemistry professor whose storied career has made him a legend at Notre Dame. Not only have I learned to overcome the nerves that often accompany interviewing to ask questions that make for a provocative and dynamic piece, but these experiences have also made me more appreciative of the extraordinary character that defines my fellow classmates and professors at Notre Dame.

When I graduate from Notre Dame in May, I am confident that the Hannah Storm internship will have better prepared me to face the challenges that lie ahead in both my professional and personal life. With a strong background in writing—an enduring skill that is crucial to success in any position—I feel prepared to join the workforce even in this struggling economy. More important to me than the technical skills I have achieved from the internship, however, is the deep appreciation for this University and for the remarkable people who walk next to me on the quad, stand next to me at football games, and pray alongside me at the Grotto. It is this appreciation and pride for Notre Dame that will stay with me forever, and I am incredibly grateful to the Hannah Storm internship for providing me with a chance to do work that reminds me of these feelings everyday.

-Kerry Hutton ’09

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