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"It's about passion AND compassion, helping others
to follow their dreams and celebrate their inner spirit,
no matter what the outside world sees or values"

The Hannah Storm Foundation is an advocate for children’s issues. Our goal is to inspire individual potential and to promote an active and fulfilling life.

We provide medical support for children and families suffering from Vascular Birthmarks and their related medical conditions. We sponsor surgeries for children around the world, who otherwise could not afford treatment.
We educate and raise awareness about Vascular Birthmarks. We assist patients seeking insurance coverage and educate families about the latest news in treatment options and diagnosis, sponsoring patient Advocacy Days. In addition, we raise awareness in the general public about Vascular Birthmarks and their related conditions.

We also sponsor the Hannah Storm Journalism Internship at the University of Notre Dame, giving students a chance to have a portfolio of writing experience upon their graduation.

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Notre Dame Internship

The Hannah Storm Journalism Internship was created in 2006 as an opportunity for current Notre Dame undergraduate students to gain practical experience while working in the Alumni Association’s Communications and Marketing department.

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Patient Treatment:
Morgan M. will be having a Excision and Levator advancement of Venous Malformation