Tinley will be having a surgery in November with Dr. Waner and Dr. O.



Testimonial from Tinley’s mother

When building our beautiful family, we knew we would be without extra money, but we would have our family, our love, which is one of the greatest gifts of all. There was no way we could afford surgery. If it was not for the amazing, beautiful people that cared enough to help us! Help to change our beautiful girl’s life. The Hannah Storm Foundation has given our family the biggest, greatest, most beautiful gift a mother, father, child, a family could ever receive; our baby girl will have a normal life! Thank you so much from the deepest part of a mother’s soul… my children are my soul and you have gifted us what words cannot describe the genuine, heartfelt gratitude we have for you and all you do. The sleepless nights, the weight lifted, will all be because of the beautiful work that you do. You not only saved our baby, but you also saved us as well. Thank you, a million times, over for every amazing soul that cares about us. You inspire and gave us hope, and the best blessing anyone could ever receive.